Despite all the fancy nature of the IT profession, it can be one of the most exhausting careers when it comes to managing and operating a mission-critical infrastructure. It requires a wide range of skills with enough experience and deep knowledge of each field to ensure smooth operation and recovery is in place in case of system outage.

By choosing Dot Future solutions and services, customers can rest assure that the different components of their systems will work integrally well to deliver the pre-agreed upon SLA. We believe that customers require onsite support to underpin their operation, or completely manage it by subscribing to one of Dot Future's managed services. 

About Dot Future

Why Dot future?

Dot Future is a system integrator with registered offices in the UK, Kurdistan and Iraq. It was established by a group of telecom and ICT professionals in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  The main focus is to provide  ICT solution, consultancy and professional services for government, NGOs, service providers, and enterprise customers.

Co-founders of Dot Future played a major role in the  development and progression of the fiber and Internet Service Provider networks in the Kurdistan region of Iraq which allowed an introduction of the different broadband technologies.

Our technical team is highly skilled and holds deep knowhow in the networking, Data Center, Security, Collaboration and IT governance fields.